Clients Overview

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Advertisers of all kinds use ShopText to make their advertising interactive and accountable.  Major CPGs, grocery and department store retailers, banks, franchises, restaurants, universities, media companies, charities and more have ShopText-enabled their offline ads (TV, print, radio, OOH), packaging, websites, online display ads and social media to provide content and value to consumers on the spot.  A few brands who chose ShopText:

ShopText Clients include CPG agencies publishers retailers and brands

ShopText creates mobile channels (not just campaigns) for:

  • Brands
  • Retailers
  • Publishers
  • Agencies

Our clients use ShopText to integrate, measure and activate their media.  We connect any ad to fulfillment, so that interested consumers can take action on the spot, the moment your ad engages them.
Drive consumers to your content (website, article, brochure, image or video), promotion (sweepstakes, sample, coupon, spend & get debit/credit program) or store.  Generate leads, acquire customers and create your new opt-in mobile channel.  Measure media ROI in real-time and determine which channels, ads, promotions and offers really work for specific demographics.  See examples of ShopText-enabled ads in the Mobile Ad Gallery.

Go ahead...blur the line between offline and online.  GO MOBILE.

If you place urls or 1-800 numbers in your ads, why not add a ShopText call-to-action that 98% of all mobile subscribers can use without a download or new behavior?  

We KNOW ShopText drives results.  Don't pay us for text messaging.  Just pay us when we deliver. Learn more about text messaging usage and demographics.