Company Overview

About ShopText

ShopText is the leader in mobile shopper marketing and loyalty. Our SaaS mobile platform enables brands and retailers to engage consumers from any ad with a simple text message and creates a new opt-in direct-to-consumer channel.

Consumers can easily request a coupon, rebate, free sample or enter a sweepstakes without having to go online or call a 1-800 number. ShopText integrates directly with any CRM database, fulfillment center, order management, POS or loyalty card platform. Every ShopText-enabled ad response and completion is measured in real-time so retailers and brands can immediately determine their offline media ROI. ShopText works across all major U.S. mobile networks.


  • Works with any text-enabled phone.  No downloads or pre-registration required.
  • Can be easily inserted into any TV, Print, In-store, Radio and web-based advertisement
  • Easily integrates with any CRM platform, fulfillment center, shopper/loyalty card, promotion database and commerce platform
  • Can trigger coupon delivery via direct mail, email print@home, mobile phone and direct to loyalty card
  • Tracks response and promotion completion rate by ad
  • Manages consumer opt-in and opt-out compliance
  • Can accept any major credit card and debit card
  • Across all major Wireless carriers
For Consumers

ShopText is the new, fun and easy way to text2win, text2sample, text to save, text2join or text2order. Simply by texting the keyword they see in any direct mail piece, magazine, newspaper, television, poster, receipt, in-store ad, consumers can trigger provide the data required for any promotion in just a few steps.

  • Requires only basic text messaging.  If you can text, you can ShopText
  • No downloads or pre-registation is required
For Advertisers and Retailers

ShopText is the new way to connect with prospects and customers.

  • Easily inserted with any traditional media
  • Discrete and customizable call to action
  • Seamless and brand-consistent consumer experience
  • Integrates with existing supply chain operations or provides outsource option
  • Establishes direct relationship with your consumer
  • Collects comprehensive data on consumer behavior


For Small Business and Agencies

ShopText recently launched a self-service QR Code and Text Marketing solution at

  • Be a mobile marketing pro and create your codes in minutes
  • Drive app downloads, facebook likes, video and blog views
  • Measure scans, texts and clicks in real-time from a single reporting dashboard