What is ShopText Mobile and how does Mobile2Card Paperless couponing work?

ShopText is a mobile couponing and loyalty platform.  Consumers simply “text2clip” coupons and send them to their shopper card from circulars, direct mail, television, in-store and online ads.  ShopText integrates with existing POS and shopper card platforms.  No new behavior is required for clerks or shoppers: products are scanned with existing scanners and when consumers swipe their card or enter their alt-id at checkout, the coupon is matched electronically and deducted in real-time.  No loyalty card?  No problem.  ShopText can enable Alt-ID entry at the POS keypad and create a cardless loyalty program using the mobile number.
So consumers don’t need an APP or a smart phone to ShopText?
Exactly.  Text messaging is available on 98% of all mobile phones.  No new mobile software or download is required to clip a coupon, request a sample, get more product info or to enter a sweepstakes with ShopText.  We can always provide links to WAP sites or App downloads for those with smartphones.  Grocery shoppers already know how to text their kids or vote on American Idol. If you can text, you can ShopText.  We make the consumer experience very simple by integrating with our grocery client’s key POS and  loyalty systems.  If a shopper wants to use their app or access their coupon /shopping list from their smart phone, we can enable that as well.  The reality is that every phone can text and texting is the number 2 activity on the mobile phone after voice calls.

Are you saying that ShopText works for any generation of shopper?
Yes.  The reality is that texting isn’t just for teens.  Believe it or not, there are more 40-54 year olds who send at least one text message per month than 13-17 year olds.  Why?  Teens use texting as the primary way to communicate, causing older generations, namely parents and grand parents, to text in order to communicate with them.  Now over half the US population sends at least one text message per month and the average age of texters is 35.  Like on Facebook, the fastest growing segment of texters are people 50 and older.
What kind of mobile results are your clients experiencing?
Shoppers are readily clipping coupons with a text message and coming to the store to shop.  We have had many coupon offers for both manufacturer and private label sell out in a few minutes.  ShopText secure, paperless couponing is a whole new way to engage shoppers and drive them to store.  ShopText-enabled ads have generated response rates 17x online display ads and completion rates consistently above 60%.
So can grocers and brands send text messages to their shoppers?
Yes, but only with a “double opt-in”.  Consumers have to opt-in to receive offers and messages from grocers, just like with email.  ShopText manages the whole opt-in/opt-out process per MMA guidelines for our clients.  Grocers and brands opt-in consumers in at the end of a promotion, directly or via their website.  

How do grocers make money in mobile with ShopText?
First, ShopText makes the upfront investment to integrate with grocer POS and loyalty platforms at NO COST to our clients.  Second, we help them drive build their mobile club opt-ins from their website, facebook, email, circular, direct mail, in-store and television ads.  Manufacturers pay for coupons clipped, just like with print@home coupons, and ShopText provides a revenue share to the grocer.  When grocers build their mobile club opt-ins, it creates a new media channel for grocers to sell to manufacturers.   The more targeted the offer, the more the cost of the media to the manufacturer.

How quickly can a grocer or brand launch mobile coupons with ShopText?
We can be live in just a few weeks.  Online and offline opt-in tools can be deployed in the first week to help grocers and brands build their mobile clubs.