Go Mobile

Do you remember when advertisers began to insert www in their television and print advertising?   Overnight, 1-800 numbers became too expensive compared to driving prospects and customers online, unless you were in the direct response business.  Today, urls are inserted into ads that are either so basic that the burden of search is placed on the consumer, or they are so complicated that consumers won't remember them.  

If you include website addresses in your ads, why not include a ShopText call-to-action and let consumers engage on the spot?  In a head-to-head test on national television with a Fortune 100 brand, a ShopText call-to-action generated over twice the responses/engagement versus a url in the ad. ShopText makes your media interactive and measurable in real-time.   Activate your ads at a fraction of the cost of a 1-800 number with all of the crm and commerce potential of internet with a simple text message.  WIth ShopText real-time media reporting, you can finally determine the ROI of every ad and adjust your media spend on the fly. To learn more about ShopText, visit Solutions.

ShopText Mobile makes traditional media interactive