Who's Texting?

Today, 98% of all mobile phones in the United States are text-enabled.  Americans are now sending over 2.5 billion text messages per DAY.  ShopText brand, retail, media and agency clients are usually surprised to learn that there are more "Active Texters" age 45-54 than teens.  Active Texters are defined by ComScore as people who send at least one or more text messages per month.  People 24 and under use texting as their primary communication vehicle.  This behavior has driven parents and grand parents to adopt texting to communicate with their children and grand children at an astounding rate.  From March of 2007 to June of 2010, Active Texters have grown dramatically, fueled by the adoption of texting by older generations.  If you are a brand, retailer, media company or agency, your target market is texting.

Text message demographics by age and percentage of population