Media ROI

 ShopText brings the interactivity and accountability of online advertising to the offline world. In addition to driving consumers to a website where they have to search for content or a specific promotion entry form, let consumers act on the spot. ShopText-enabled ads significantly outperform online display ads and 1-800 response and completion rates. 

  • Connect your ads directly to fulfillment
  • Drive consumers to store
  • Measure ad response and promotion completion in real-time.
  • Create a new direct-to-consumer media channel
ShopText Mobile Real-Time Media Response and Completion Reporting

ShopText drives ROI from your existing or planned media in several ways:

  • Increased consumer engagement from from every ad
  • New customer acquisition 
  • Determine which ads drive results and save money by focusing your media spend 
  • only on the channels, creative and day parts that produce real ROI
  • Create a new direct-to-consumer channel that YOU own and drive loyalty via mobile

ShopText has a NO SPAM promise. Only you can send any marketing text messages to your opt-in customers.

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